Saturday, August 6, 2011

FUN in the SUN

We had a great week enjoying the summer sun. On Sunday morning, while in Seattle, Zach got to experience catching TWO fish at once while visiting Jim and Nancy in Seattle! He thought (and still thinks) that this is the coolest thing ever. :) On Monday we took a walk to the park. We checked out books at the library and Zach took a dollar from his piggy bank and went to the dollar store to find his treasure. We got a suncatcher that you paint. He worked on that for well over an hour. . .and has proudly displayed it in his window. A dollar well spent :). On Wednesday this week, we ended up heading up to black lake. It was lovely. The sun was shining and it was the PERFECT day to be on the water. Zach was instructed, by my mother, how to pee on trees. Quite laughable watching him pull down his pants prematurely and then hop along to the tree clear across the path with his pants around his ankles. :) We spent Friday afternoon swimming in the little pool in the back yard. And listening to the giggles of the little guys - totally wonderful. Then today we took Joe and Linda Crane and Bob and Amie Voss up to Black Lake with us. It was great to hang out with friends, watch the boys play in the sand, and enjoy a few minutes on the water and away from the general hustle and bustle. It made me realize how important that is. I love summer. I love the laid back nature of it. I love the warmth and the sunny weather. I love being able to feel relaxed even by sitting in the back yard with the boys. . .or taking a brief nap after a busy day while the boys rest and the sun streams through the windows. I think I need to do more resting sometimes and less being busy. . .and definitely more "enjoying" :)